TC's Team-Tournaments

As frequently asked the Tichu-Club again will arrange Tichu team tournaments in a simple flooding KO-modus.

More informations about playing schedule, playing times and the game rooms of the current tournament you can find in the registration- or the result-thread. Registrations should be posted in the registration–thread in the BSW-bulletin board of C214 Tichu-Club-Heim.

Prices for he winning teams:

1st place:        25.000 Taler
2nd place:        20.000 Taler
3rd place:        15.000 Taler
4th place:        10.000 Taler
5th - 8th place: each  5.000 Taler

Price money is proportionally split up between the towns of the winning teams. Prices of citizens of Armfeld are donated to a town named by the player. Possible transfer costs have to borne by the recipient.

Tournaments will be played in our traditional mode:
KO-System after one game to 1.000 tichupoints, from semi final Bo3

Maximum number of participating teams: 32 teams (each consisting of 2-4 players)
Every player may only participate in one team per tournament
Each round will last 2 weeks. Games have to be played during that time.

Tournament and fairness rules can be found on the homepage of the Tichu-Club and are applicable for these tournaments, any break of rules will be punished with disqualification and optionally with a bann for further TC-tournaments. The decision about disqualification lies with the tournament officials, the TC organisation committee decides about further banns. Decisions made by the tournament officials are binding for all participants. All games have to be played with "/option log"

We wish all players a lot of fun and good cards!

-The TC tournament organization committee -
- bubine, das.faultier, Hobbyspieler, Ingrida und MaOaM