General tournament rules

  • All participants accepts the decision of tournament officials regarding conflicts and/or breach of rule (in major cases the decision of the Tichu-Club organisation team). Those who disrespect this rule have to expect reprimands and punishments.
  • The rules of netiquette and the fairness-rules of the Tichu-Club apply for the interaction of tournament-players with each other and of spectators. This includes the arrival on time either in the according tournament-channel or for appointed team-matches. If players break this rule, punishments will be given according to type and severity of the offense. If announced players do not show up for tournament start, they will be disqualified for the current tournament and receive a ban for the next two TC-tournaments that come up.
  • Spectators are generally welcome as long as they don’t disturb the players’ concentration. Disturbing spectators have to leave the room immediately when a tournament player wishes them to. If a tournament player feels disturbed even by silent spectators and asks all spectators to leave the room, this should be accepted immediately and without commentating due to politeness reasons.
  • It is only allowed to peek in tournament games if all players in the room agree. Exception: tournament officials and TC-orga-team.

Rules for team-tournaments

  • A team consists of two to four players, who have to be registered in time according to the announcement
  • A change of player in the course of a tournament is only allowed in special cases in agreement with the tournament officials.
  • The teams mentioned first in the playing schedule have to play the first match on red. In tournaments with a BoX-modus, there is a change of seats after every match.

Players having broken our fairness- or tournament-rules might be banned from our events and published >>Here<<