Fairness-Rules for Tichu

at TC

Besides the netiquette which regulates the general interaction in the Brettspielwelt (see >>HERE<<), some additional rules apply for Tichu at our events:

Tichu is a team-game. Nevertheless, cooperation should find itself within certain borders:
  • Any exchange of information between team-partners about their cards that does not arise from the course of the game is considered unfair and is therefore forbidden

  • All agreements between team-members which can not be logically reasoned and which can not be based upon experience but which do give a normal action in the game (e.g. lead, or exchange of cards) an extra meaning are forbidden in any form.

  • All utterances which allow a conclusion about the cards held should be refrained from.

In case you suspect a player breaks any of these fairness-rules, please stick to the following procedure:

  • Have a look at the log, have a good night’s sleep and then have a good look at the log again
  • If afterwards you are convinced that it had been cheated, collect all information (log-number, player names, exact abnormalities, chatlog etc)
  • Send everything in a mail to a member of team log inquiry:

    • Ingrida ( )
    • Talkon ( )

You can find the logs here: http://bsw.kerubis.at/